#WeGoAgain - A look at the numinous beauty of 13/14 to welcome 14/15

[7/10] 23rd November, 2013 (A) Everton FC

A Liverpool vs Everton match is always the most exciting sort, and even though Liverpool only took away a point from this one with a 3-3 draw, it was a fabulous match to watch as both sides went head to head in an intense 90 minutes.

Things we observed during the match:

  • Coutinho scoring the opener in the 5th minute
  • Coutinho scoring his first goal of the 2013/14 season
  • Sturridge coming on in the last fifteen minutes for Lucas and scoring the equaliser just before added time
  • Everton giving us hard competition as Lukaku scored two goals in ten minutes
  • Brendan Rodgers’ anger at the hard Suarez tackle from Mirallas
  • And fans hoping that Agger or Skrtel murder him
  • Suarez’s sublime goal from a free kick 25 yards out
  • Everton made 12 shots on target as opposed to Liverpool’s 5
  • (Finally get to write this) Lucas, in true Lucas spirit, received a yellow card
  • Baines getting injured in the League for the first time since 2008

This Merseyside derby was entertainment at it’s height, and everything a match should be(save Liverpool winning in the end) Things that made us angry included Sturridge disallowed goal, and like Brendan, a red card worthy challenge that only got a late yellow. The crowd gave the teams a standing ovation at the end of the 90 minutes, and rightly so as both sides scored and conceded for a thrilling match. [write up by orlandobloorns]

#WeGoAgain - A look at the numinous beauty of 13/14 to welcome 14/15

[6/10] 4th December, 2013 (H) Norwich City

We love us a goal filled game, and we love it even more when one of our lads get a hat-trick out of it. Or three, for that matter, as Luis Suarez scored his thrid hat-trick against Norwich City

Here’s some of the things that stuck to us:

  • Suarez scoring 4 goals (and his first 50 for LFC)
  • Suarez becoming the first PL player to score 3 hat-tricks against the same team
  • Suarez’s goal from 40 yards out
  • Pocket sized Sterling scoring a goal
  • We lost count of how many shots Liverpool took at goal
  • Flanno’s first yellow card of the season
  • Suarez’s embarrassed smile as he scored his 4th goal
  • Henderson proving he can run a hundred miles an hour but can’t finish for his life(set out to now be proved wrong)

Bradley Johnson took away our clean sheet as he scored quite a phenomenal header from inside the box even if I would personally love to credit the goal to Glen Johnson. It was stunning as we went red in the face watching Liverpool score over and over and with what beautiful finesse. It was an overall soul cleansing experience after the loss to Hull City days prior to the meet.

#WeGoAgain - A look at the numinous beauty of 13/14 to welcome 14/15

[5/10] 28th January, 2014 (H) Everton FC

There’s no derby like a Merseyside derby, and the best sort is when Liverpool win it 4-0 at Anfield. It was Liverpool’s biggest win against Everton since 1982, and my god what a display from our lads.

Things to mention from the Merseyside clash:

  • Captain Fantastic scoring the opener against Everton. It’s always a little bit more special when it’s him against Everton
  • Sturridge scoring twice on his first game back from injury and within the span of two minutes
  • Jagielka’s mistake letting Suarez run half the field and scoring. Thank you Phil.
  • Goal celebrations that made our hearts flutter and our new phone screens Red
  • Liverpool had 39% possession during the game
  • Sturridge’s chip that made our eyes pop and that time Toure did something right with a 55 yard pass
  • Sterling proving that he is indeed a cheetah.
  • The evertonians throwing a coin at Suarez and him answering through a sublime corner kick that resulted in a goal
  • Sturridge trying really hard to get a hattrick and Suarez being absolutely pissed about it

It was a beautiful day all in all as we powered through their defenses and made a statement win. Romelu Lukaku was unfortunately injured by one of their own teammates and had to be carried off the pitch. Team spirit was at an all time high, and the atmosphere was electric.

#WeGoAgain - A look at the numinous beauty of 13/14 to welcome 14/15

[4/10] 22nd March, 2014 (A) Cardiff City

Only a week after the win over Manchester United at Old Trafford, Liverpool travelled to Cardiff City with confidence of a clear win against a team threatened with relegation. We got a highly entertaining and slightly heart attack inducing match to watch as Cardiff took the lead by scoring the opener

Here’s a few moments that should be remembered:

  • Skrtel changed positions to striker and scored two goals for us whilst unable to block the three scored against us
  • The chemistry between Coutinho’s corners and Skrtel’s head. And foot.
  • 6 PL wins in a row for the first time in 8 years
  • Suarez scored his second hat trick in 4 months
  • Yellow cards were flying around as a total of 5 were shown that game, with 3 of them for Liverpool players.
  • Honorary mention for Kevin Mutch because he made two beautiful finishes for his team
  • Luisito’s internal debate between a hat trick and passing to Sterling
  • Glen Johnson’s pass that covered over half field and was converted into a goal
  • Suarez equaling Folwer’s PL record of 28 goals in a season, with 8 games in hand

That day, all our defensive flaws were on full display as we conceded three goals. Gerrard, Allen and Skrtel picked up a yellow each, and fears about Gerrard’s 9 yellow cards set in. Nonetheless, it was a frustrating watch, but that’s the best sort, and a Liverpool specialty. Cardiff gave us harder competition than some of the top clubs, but we were redeemed thanks to our stunning attackers (this includes Skrtel).

[write up by orlandobloorns]

#WeGoAgain - A look at the numinous beauty of 13/14 to welcome 14/15

[3/10] 15th December, 2013 (A) Tottenham

This shouldn’t count as a competitive game really, but who doesn’t love a proper lambasting with an away game. This 5-0 win was made to liven up every Pudlian’s day and nothing else.

Moments to mention from the match:

  • Our Scouse Cafu scored a first and beautiful goal with his wrong foot and went in shock
  • Henderson’s nutmegging and back heel made us want to weep with joy
  • Suarez’s goal tally for the season at 17 crossed Tottenham’s total goals scored
  • Suarez’s goal that defied the laws of Physics. Kind of.
  • We cost them a manager
  • Sterling scoring and Suarez celebrating more than him
  • Lucas didn’t pick up a card
  • Tottenham made 0 shots on target

That day at White Hart Lane, Liverpool went in with Suarez captaining the side (for the first time in the Premier League) as Gerrard sat in support due to injury. Our youngsters, including Flannagan,Henderson and Sterling dominated the pitch. Tottenham further lost confidence when Paulinho was red carded in the second half. Villas-Boas was fired a day later after claims of him punching a player in the dressing rooms came up. We love a good win and a clean sheet, and it was all that. [write up by orlandobloorns]

#WeGoAgain - A look at the numinous beauty of 13/14 to welcome 14/15

[2/10] 8th February, 2014 (H) Arsenal

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and so when on that February day, Arsenal came to Anfield, sitting high up on top of the table, our lads set out to unravel what had so far been a perfect run for them, and open their net to anyone, and everyone after us.

There was nothing we didn’t love about this game:

  • Skrtel’s beautiful headers
  • Skrtel then proceeding to give us celebration photos to keep
  • Skrtel rubbing the salt in Chelsea fans wounds after equally the score tally of one traitor
  • Suarez respected them by not scoring against the team that wanted to free him
  • Lime Street, Liverpool scored on Wenger
  • Our baby Sterling scoring two unreal goals
  • You’ll Never Walk Alone for all of 90 minutes and more
  • Sturridge doing his dance

Scoring four goals in under 20 minutes had never been as satisfactory as it was that day, after the 2-0 loss at Emirates and the Suarez transfer mockery, this was what every Liverpool fan needed and it was the perfect watch. Arsenal took away a deserved clean sheet from our hands after a hard tackle from Gerrard in the penalty area gave Arteta a chance to convert from the spot.

[Write up by Amber]

#WeGoAgain - A look at the numinous beauty of 13/14 to welcome 14/15

[1/10] 16th March, 2014 (A) Manchester United

Setting aside the fact that it was the fourth time Vidic was sent off against Liverpool, or the fact that Liverpool became the team to be awarded most penalties in the EPL, or even the fact that they were awarded 3 penalties in total, a win against United is never shy of perfection.

The game had everything a clash like this should have:

  • A Suarez goal
  • A Gerrard goal
  • Banner poking fun at Moyes
  • A very butthurt Ferguson
  • A Stevie G camera kiss
  • A quiet Old Trafford side (minus the loud travelling Kop)
  • A United red card
And to top it off, the two spot kicks by Stevie help him set another record: most goals scored (5) by a Liverpool player at Old Trafford. It may not have been one of the best matches considering Uniteds game in the season, yet who wouldn’t grab at an opportunity to gloat over this sweet, sweet victory.