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“Liverpool lost the World Club Championship final in 2005 to Sao Paulo 1-0, despite having three goals disallowed for offside.”

LFC Fact of the Day

Anonymous SAID:
How do you pronounce Emre Can's name?

His first name is pronounced as it looks: Em-Ray

His last name is pronounced similarly to Chan or Jan

LFC 2014 summer transfers + FINAL SQUAD

LFC 2014 summer transfers + THE INS

LFC 2014 summer transfers + THE OUTS

“Former Liverpool player Xabi Alonso holds the English record for the longest goal scored from open play standing at 64 metres.”

LFC Fact of the Day

Victor Valdes bid by LFC

Liverpool have lined up a bid for the now free agent and ex-Barcelona player Victor Valdes. He is injured at the moment and is expected to return to full fitness in December. Liverpool will start tracking his progress in October and if they see fit, they will approach him as a buy.