Chelsea Ladies lost to Notts County Ladies today. Which leave them at the top with 23 points.

Liverpool Ladies play second placed Birmingham Ladies tomorrow and a win would mean that they will be just one point behind Chelsea in the title race with two more games to go.

It will be a tight last two game for Liverpool, Chelsea and Birmingham with all three being main contenders to win the title this season

“We just made too many mistakes today… We’re nowhere near the levels we expect to be at. We’ve a lot of work to do, and today really disappointing in terms of performance. It’s a number of things.”

Rodgers on the WHU game

Anonymous SAID:
OK, then maybe we can retire the cliche, whether used for Gerrard or Rodgers. ;) Rodgers is the problem at the moment. He'll fix it. We'll get Sturridge back and have more midfielders and at some point we'll remember we had easy fixtures in the beginning of last season but were 5th at some point after Christmas and things were looking bleak. We'll get better. But I WISH Gerrard were really THE problem, that'd be easy to solve. Unfortunately, he's not. We have problemS, plural.

Cliche retired!!

oh problems we do have indeed - mignolet, lovren (and yes I think i have the right to judge lovren after 6 bad games), borini, rodgers not giving lambert a start against teams like these for which lamberts game actually suits well etc.

but I am not trying to pin the blame on gerrard. I am sure it hurts no one more than him to loose like this when we came so close to winning the league last year. I just feel he can be utilized better. And he can be a better judge of his own game and understand that it is not important for him to get as forward as he does.

idk if its his retirement or the terrible WC exit, or something else that has taken a toll on him mentally, and then the physical exertion, but we cant afford a half-hearted game from him. he carries the team.

but god I hope what you are saying is right. it has me worried because last year we lost a total of 6 games and we have already lost 3 in the first 5. Plus we are juggling UCL,FA & league cup too this year, and with rodgers having spent a good 100M+, FSG will sure as hell be expecting a lot out of him.

so this will go either of the two ways. always hoping for the positive and the fact that the team and rodgers can deal with the pressure that has been laid on them this season

mahika-v SAID:
I agree with that anon. It's Rodgers, his tactics fall apart quite easily. Last season, we just scored enough to mask the gaping holes in our defence but that might not be able to happen this season.

like carra said on twitter:

After losing Suarez Lfc were never going to score 100 goals + this season so had to be better defensively, they actually look worse now.

we dont have a suarez and even though we have sturridge and balotelli, we still dont have the guaranteed 100 goals. last season we were a team who could outscore others. This time around we are not, so Rodgers needs to shift his focus to defense since our mid and front are already capable of linking up well.

Anonymous SAID:
I'd agree with you about Gerrard if he was hindering some beautiful football Liverpool was playing otherwise. If he was getting in the way of his blazing team mates arranged in an effective formation and starting the right players such as a physically dominant striker who was one of the best in the league last year instead of the one we told to fuck off to Sunderland or anyone but Lucas in midfield, even an Academy player with lots of energy and a point to prove. Is he?

but thats exactly it isnt it? We dont KNOW if he is unintentionally hindering it or not? we havent seen the team play without him yet. do you not want to see all the younger ones in the team and see how the speed matches up?

I will agree that the formation rodgers chose today was obviously bad. IDK why he thought playing Lucas and Gerrard alongside was in anyway a good idea.

But playing in the position that he did and how he has always played, his main role has always been linking up the defense and the attack. Yet in the game against Villa and WHU, he was not entirely able to do so.

Ofcourse there is the issue of him being marked in the Villa game and today constantly by Downing, but the fact that Gerrard was not able to play his usual game meant that he was loosing the 1v1 a lot more than he should have.

Because Gerrard was lost today, so was the rest of the team. And that is the kind of impact this man can have on our team.

Look, all I am saying is he is a 34 year old, who just can not play 3 games in 8 days. And when he does, we need him to be of his level best, because he is our captain, he is our solidity and if he falls apart, so does the rest of the team.

Anonymous SAID:
It's Rodgers. Look at all our players. Look at our performance as a team. Look at the starting line-ups, which today contained 2 players we tried to sell this summer. It's Rodgers. There were games in the beginning of last season when Stevie was slow/off form etc. and his performance stood out from the rest of team. Even though it's a lazy cliche, whatever, sure. Elephant in the room for about three weeks. He doesn't stand out this season. There is a PACK of pachyderms in that team now.

As much as i would like to chant “In Rodgers we trust” at the top of my lungs, I just cant with it right now.

His decisions so far in the season have been bad. I think the spurs game was the luckiest of lucks! Stevie was a beast last season. The impact he made was absolute immense.

(had to google that word :P) But yea we are a team of pachyderms at the moment.

Anonymous SAID:
Everton is the last game where Gerrard should be benched. He's not going to play against Boro, he'll have a full week off. There was no good reason to play him today with LUCAS in the middle though.

The reason why I chose Everton is because 3 days after the Everton game we have the UCL game which is away. So playing a full 90 minutes of everton, then training AND travelling in a span of 3 days will be heavy on him.

Plying him against Boro shouldnt be an issue since it wont be as heavy of a game. and then from 24th till the 30th he will have time off and play the UCL game on 1st.

Anonymous SAID:
PS: I completely agree that Gerrard shouldn't start 3 games in a week. But again... why is he starting them? Who makes those decisions?

Rodgers ofcourse. He seems to be too afraid to bench Gerrard. I thought the whole reason Henderson vice captaincy was made official was because Gerrard wont be playing so regularly.
Maybe Rodgers is still playing him because of our long list of injuries, but if Allen is fit enough, and Studge is back then Gerrard should be benched in the Everton game.

“Youngest first team player for LFC is Jerome Sinclair, who played in September ‘12 against West Brom (16yrs and 6 days)”

LFC Fact of the Day

More than just an elephant in the room now

I want to discuss this with you guys.
Its Gerrard.
Don’t get me wrong, I love him to death. But he hasn’t provided any form of solid material in the games so far. And the team seems to be built around him. Because of him Henderson has to backtrack a lot more than needed, which contains him going forward.
I think he should not be starting so often. Maybe come on as a impact sub in the second half, or start the less paced games.
He honestly looked lost today, and I was tired of seeing WHU players just blaze past him.
Now I am not saying he should not start at all, but he should definitely not be starting 3 games in 8 days.
And even when he does, he should be given a more defensive role and asked to stick at the back rather than moving forward. The sort of thing that is being done at Bayern right now with Xabi.
For those who dont watch their games, Xabi starts at midfield but then after passing the ball forward he lets the CBs get forward and falls into the back line. And he has made such a huge impact with that, that he even won 2 MOTMs for his 2 starts.
This will ensure that Liverpool have their most experienced player on the squad, and the rest of the younger and faster legs will not be held back.
What do you guys think?